LIVE web-Tv, films and videos


You are able to watch Sigtunarännet live on the web and at the expo-area in Sigtuna.  Three filmteams are filming and making interviews along the track, while the race is being commented from a studio close to the track. The filmteams are interviewing both the professionals and amateurs while skating. The filming is delivered in partnership with SolidSport. In addition to being able to view the race on SolidSports website, you can also watch our short films that we made prior to the race (watch film and live web-TV)


Along the track there are photographers taking photos of the passing participants. There are signs indicating when you are approaching a photographer. Please smile and look happy even though you may be tired :-). After the race you are able to buy the photos, mugs or mobile covers with your own photo (search for your photo).