Full distance


The toughest race

Sigtunarännet Full Distance, with a distance of 50 km, is the toughest race. To be able to make it you should be a good iceskater and well trained. The track starts in central Sigtuna and then goes south towards the east side of the bay. It is a beautiful track close to land passing both Steninge Castle and the Royal Rosersbergs Palace.  By the Rosersberg Palace (approx. 14,5 km) is the first re-fueling station where all participants are offered fluids, nutrion bars and bananas. Then the race continues north and by Sigtuna there is another re-fueling station. There are toilets at the start in Sigtuna and at Rosersberg Palace. The race is  both for amatuers and professionals. All finnishers get a medal. In addition 24,000 SEK in prize money is allocated for the competition class where 20,000 is allocated to the top three in men´s and women´s class while 2.000 SEK is sprint price already 2 km after the start. The competitions class starts 10:00 AM and there after are all the other participants welcome to enter the race. All racers in the competion class must have a competion licence which can be purchased when getting the BIB.

Registration fee: 600 SEK