SIgtunarännet Half distance


the race for everyone

Sigtunarännet Half Distance is a race that most people can manage with some training and lots of stamina. The race is half the distance of Sigtunarännet Full Distance (i.e. 25 km) and is following the same track. The track starts in central Sigtuna and then goes south towards the east side of the bay. It is a beautiful track close to land passing both Steninge Castle and the Royal Rosersbergs Palace. By the Rosersberg Palace (approx. 14,5 km) there is a re-fueling station where all participants are offered fluids, nutrion bars and bananas. Then the race continues north back to Sigtuna. There are toilets at the start in Sigtuna and at Rosersberg Palace. The race does not have any competition class. Sigtunarännet Half Distance starts at the same time as Sigtunarännet Full Distance at 10:00 AM so that you can make company with participants going for the Full Distance. All finisher is awarded with a medal. 

Registration fee: 600 SEK