ICE Cross CHallenge


pure adrenalin

Ice Cross Challenge is a race for the coolest kids between 12-17 years. It´s an intense race with many obstacles along the track that must be forced to reach the finish line. Wearing a helmet is, of course, compulsory but we also recommend protection for knees, elbows, and back. Poles are not permitted to use.

The race is approximately 3 km with about 10 obstacles that should be conquered. You compete in heats where the fastest men and women meet in a final in each class. The race starts at 13:00 on Saturday the 16th of February. More information will be presented on this website when the obstacles are being constructed. Nice prices will be awarded to the first three skaters in both the women´s and men´s class. The race is ideal for those of you who play ice hockey, roller derby or figure skating. We guarantee this winters coolest race if you accept the challenge.

Registration fee: 200 SEK


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