Photo: Camilla Pålssson

Registration - all this is included

Sigtunarännet arranges four different races: Full distance (50 km), Half distance (25 km), Ice Cross Challenge (13-17 year), Treasure Hunt (up to 12 yrs). More information about each race can be read under the main menu above. The Full Distance race does also consist of a competition class whereas 24,000 SEK will be allocated to the participants. The Ice Cross Challenge race will also have attractive prizes for each age group. All kids participating in the Treasure Hunt gets a diploma.


This is what is included in the races Sigtunarännet Full- and Half distance.

  • Participation in the race including injury insurance
  • Admission to the clinic "Ice safety & ice assessment" the 26th of January with the ice expert Jonas Ettemo. You will also have the opportunity to practice to get out of the water on the ice (value 250 kr).
  • Admission to the clinic "Equipment and material care" the 2nd of February (value 250 kr). Opportunity to have your skates sharpened without cost (value 350 kr).
  • Admission to the clinic "Skating techniques" the 9th of February with a trainer from the national Swedish team (value 250 kr).  
  • A moistureproof foldable mat perfect for the backpack on ice tours.  Will be distributed at the clinics and on the race day. A limited number (value 190 kr).
  • A thin cap designed to fit under the helmet. Will be distributed at the clinics and on the race day. A limited number (value 110 kr).
  • Drinks and energy bars on the race day.
  • Medal


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