Sigtunarännet cancelled


We are sad to announce that Sigtunarännet 2019 is cancelled. The last few days of warm weather has made the ice too soft for a skating race. The ice is still around 20cm thick, so no issue there, but skating on the soft ice is not a very pleasant experience and can be dangerous. Hence, we have to cancel the race.

We certainly see the inconvenience that this means to all you participants with travel costs, booked accommodations, holidays an so on. If you still come to Sigtuna during the weekend you can take part in an ice festival that we arrange as an alternative to the race. We will arrange with "fika" (cinnamon bun and drinks), building of ice sculptures, an ice carousel, practice in getting out of the water, treasure hunt for the kids and
more on. You will also be able to register to Sigtunarännet 2020 without cost. We are all terribly sad that we have to cancel but we cannot do anything about the weather. Sorry.



Quiénes somos

Sigtunarännet comenzó como una alternativa a Vikingarännet cuando los organizadores decidieron poner la carrera en espera 2018. El anfitrión de Sigtunarännet es la organización voluntaria de Sigtuna Sports Club y socios son el municipio de Sigtuna y Frilufsfrämjandet. El patrocinador principal 2019 es Lundhags, proveedor de equipo y ropa de patinaje sobre hielo. Otros patrocinadores son Hotell Kristina, Cedecor, Sigtuna Sport Uteliv y Sandströms El.


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