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Alternative tracks

The first choice for Sigtunarännet is to skate south on Sigtunafjärden with start and finnish in Sigtuna. The second choice is to skate on Garnsviken which is more shallow and hence gets ice earlier. ´The below reports are both from Garnsviken and Sigtunafjärden.



13 February (Sigtunafjärden)

Todays milder temperatures and sunny weather have made the ice surface very soft. The ice is still thick and strong – at least 20 cm at all measured points. The warmer weather which is forecasted to continue Thursday-Saturday will make the ice hopeless to skate on. However, it is expected to be cold again the night between Saturday and Sunday. Then we might have good ice conditions. We are still hopeful but we want to be clear that we are fully dependant on a cold night between Saturday to Sunday to be able to accomplish the race. We keep our fingers crossed and keep you informed.


12 February (Sigtunafjärden)

We have decided the preliminary race track. The track will probably be about 12.5km long. The ice varies between really good in some places and rough in other. The melted water has frozen. We believe that the warmer weather expected during Friday and Saturday will melt the ice surface and make it smoother.


11 February (Sigtunafjärden)

Most of the water has disappeared during the last two days. The sunny and windy weather has dried the ice and there is only small amount of water left in the race track. The ice is mostly hard and smooth.  The double-ice from yesterday is reduced but not completely gone. We have planned for an alternative race track, which is not affected by the ince-breaker channel through the ice. The race track respobsible are optimistic that there will be good conditions for the race with reservations on how the weather at the end of the week will affect the ice conditions.


9 February (Sigtunafjärden)

Our track responsibles have tested large parts of the preliminary Sigtunarännet race track. The ice is between 22-30 cm think along the complete track, and it is covered by 4-10 cm of water. The colder night-temperature during the coming week looks promising. We estimate a reduction of the water on the ice and snooth ice for the plowed track. Welcome to the Sigtunarännet race!

gallery/2019-02-06 sigtunafjärden

4 February (Sigtunafjärden)

The ice on Sigtunafjärden is thick (15-25 cm) covered by 30 cm of snow. The heavy snow puts pressure on the ice which results in water trickling up through cracks which makes it challenging to plough through the water. After a cold night we are expecting much milder temperatures. The snow will start to melt and the surface of the ice will become much smoother. However, it´s very difficult to predict how the milder weather will affect the water on the ice. We have temperary paused the ploughing today ta await the milder weather. We will keep you updated.

gallery/2019-01-20 sigtunafjärden

20 january (Sigtunafjärden)

Today, many skaters have have skated the distance Sigtuna-Kungsängen. The ice is 15-20 cm and with varying ice quality. The part Skarven is very smooth ice while the area closest to Sigtuna is more challenging. It´s open water in the middle of Skarven but very good ice quality on the west side. The growth of the ice is greta due to the cold water. Next weekend we are expecting to start ploughing.

gallery/2019-01-12 garnsviken

12 january (Garnsviken)

Garnsviken - more than 10 cm everywhere except the broken chute outside the water ski club. It´s possible to pass close to the shore on the west side of under the bridge with the skates on.  Mostly 15 cm of ice on the whole of Garnsviken and smooth, nice ice.

gallery/2018-12-31 sigtunafjärden

31 december (Sigtunafjärden)

Sigtunaviken Sunday 10:15 AM: 19,5 mm ice on the whole bay. Still some open water on Sigtunafjärden. Garnsviken has 5-6 cm of ice according to the reports we have received yesterday.

gallery/2018-12-23 sigtunafjärden

23 december (Sigtunafjärden)

Finally the ice on Sigtunafjärden is starting to freeze. Garnsviken is covered by ice but a layer of snow is isolating from growth.


28 november (Garnsviken)

First skating on Garnsviken. 6,8 cm ice close to the shore and varying thickness on the rest of Garnsviken. We skated the way from the from south end to north the north end and where even able to skate in the canal in the north end. It was still open water under the bridge where we had to walk on ground a few hundred metres.


27 november (Garnsviken)

41 mm stable ice at the water ski club located in the south east end of Garnsviken. Sigtunafjärden has some beginning ice but windy weather are expected so we predict we have to wait another couple of weeks before we can skate on Sigtunafjärden.