Ice Cross Challenge

Coolest challenge

Sigtunarännet Ice Cross Challenge, cool race!

Ice Cross Challenge is a race for girls and guys from 12 years. It is a cool race with about ten obstacles to be passed on the road. We recommend hockey pipes, knee pads, elbow stitches and back pads. Helmet is of course mandatory and then preferably fullface helmet.

The race is about 350 m and has about 10 obstacles to be passed on the road. The race runs in various heats where the best in each heat go on to finally meet in a girls’ final and a kill final. The race runs in the evening on Friday, February 14 at 19:00. Fine prizes for the winners and also prizes are raffled among all participants. If you play hockey, go figure skating or run roller derby, this is a perfect race for you. It will certainly be the coolest skating race of the year so come and run if you dare to get on a big challenge this winter.

Course description (note obstacles may change)

Obstacle 1: Plastic tubes of about two meters apart to be skipped.
Obstacle 2: Arches about 1 m high should be slipped through
Obstacle 3: A wall of about 1 m to be forced
Obstacle 4: About 80 deployed tyres to be routed through
Obstacle 5: A slalom track with sticks to be rounded
Obstacle 6: Jump (about 50 cm)
Obstacle 7: Ramp (up, horizontal and down)
Obstacle 8: Slalom track in one with holes perforated course
Obstacle 9: Iskarusell that spins and to be swayed through
Obstacle 10: A surface of foam must pass
Obstacle 11: A box should be slipped through while smoke from a smoke machine complicates visibility

Registration fee: 100 SEK, sign up here

About Sigtuna

Sigtuna Stad is Sweden’s epicentre for long-distance skating located at Mälaren, only 11 km from Arlanda, 37 km from Stockholm and 27 km from Uppsala. In addition to Mälaren, there are hundreds of other lakes in direct proximity where you can seek out the best ices. When you don’t skate, you can visit churches and ruins, castles and crofters, the smallest town hall and the largest airport – they’re all part of our history and they’re all worth a visit.

Please take a walk on Stora Gatan which is Sweden’s first pedestrian street. The pedestrian street was built in 970, i.e. the same year that the city of Sigtuna was founded. Today, a thousand years later, Sigtuna is still an international meeting place. Thanks in large part to its location and proximity to the outside world via Arlanda, Sweden’s largest airport. Here begins Sweden.