Information for the whole Sigtunarännet and its activities

Three Clinics

NOTE, limited number of seats!  

New for this year is for those who sign up early have the opportunity to participate freely at three clinics with different themes. After each clinic we embark on a skating trip together if the conditions are good. First served applies. Meet up: Biograf Gröna Ladan, Gröna Gränd 4, Sigtuna

Ice safety and ice assessment, Saturday 25 Jan 10-13. Course leader: Jonas Ettemo (sea rescuer at sjöräddningssällskapets). Here you get both a proper theory review and practically practice to get out of a wake with your own equipment.
Equipment and materials management, Saturday, February 1, 10 a.m. to 1p.m.  Here professionals go through what equipment you should bring with you when embarking on your own tours and how to care for the equipment for it to last a long time. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy equipment at discounted prices from our partners. During this clinic we will also raffle the opportunity for some delatagare to cost-free get your skates sharpened by skater Fredrik Decker.

Ride technique for professionals and beginners, Saturday, February 8, 10-13. Course leader: Mattias Hadders, Head coach of the Swedish Skating Team. Here you will get personal tips from Mattias on how you can travel faster and more efficiently without consuming too much energy.


Ice studs and helmets are mandatory for all participants in all races except the Ice Cross Challenge where you don’t need ice studs. Ispik and rods are allowed in all classes except the competition class and ice cross challenge, but not mandatory. Bicycle helmet or ski helmet is preferable if you don’t have a skating helmet. Skates, ice studs and ice nails are available for rent at Sigtuna Sport Uteliv. Make sure to book before arrival when the number of equipment is limited.

Ride stations

Sigtunarännet Fulldistans and Halvdistans goes on the same course, but those who go full distance go two laps. The track starts in central Sigtuna and then goes south on Mälaren near land on the east side of the bay. You go into the bays at Flottvik, Steninge and Rosersberg and then pass Steninge Slott and Rosersbergs Slott. Rosersbergs Slott (about 14.5 km) is the first skating station where all participants are offered liquid, powerbars and bananas. Then the tour continues back straight north and when turning in Sigtuna there is another depot. There are toilets both at the start in Sigtuna and at Rosersbergs Slott. Of course, the course of the course can change depending on the ice situation on race day.


With the payment of the registration fee, all Swedish participants automatically receive accident insurance through the Swedish Skating Federation. What’s included in the insurance.


All those who complete for Sigtunarännet Fulldistans and Halvdistans for a medal at the finish provided you signed up at least two weeks before the start. In the Ice Cross Challenge we have great prizes for number one, second and third in both the kill and girl class. All children participating in the Treasure Hunt receive diplomas. If you compete in the competition class there are also prize money awarded in each class,

Prize money 24,000 kr

Sigtunarännet is one of the Swedish Skating Federation sanctioned races even for elite skiers. In the winter of 2021 we have been awarded marathon-sm for all Swedish participants. We have set aside £24,000 in prize money, distributed equally between men and women in the competition class. The winner will receive 6,000 SEK, runner-up 3,000 SEK and third 1,000 KR. In addition, we will award a sprint price of SEK 2,000 in both the women’s and men’s class about 2 km after take-off. The winner of each class also receives a walking prize for a year where the winner’s name is engraved on a plaque attached to the hiking prize for each year.

Competition license

For those who want to drive in the competition class but do not have a competition license, there is the possibility to settle a one-time license on site in Sigtuna at a cost of 50 SEK. Enter when notified that you want to compete in the competition class and you are involved in fighting for a prize total of 24,000 SEK. The competition class starts in the starting group 1 at 10:00 Sunday 15 February.

Number tags

The number pieces are picked up the day before race day or no later than an hour before take-off in the starting area (Strandvägen 38). All full-distance and half-distance participants get a chip for time tag that is ticked around the ankle. This chip registers intermediate time at turning (full distance) and final time at the finish. On the number tag there is an emergency number to call in case of injury or accident.

Transport & Parking

From Stockholm and Uppsala, regular municipal traffic such as commuter trains and buses to Märsta depart. From there, bus 570 and bus 575 go to Sigtuna bus station and then it is a short walk of 200 meters down to the ice. SL has deployed extra buses from Märsta and Bålsta to Sigtuna. If you come by car, make sure you park in intended parking spaces. If you click on the picture next door, you will get a map where we have drawn in intended parking spaces in Sigtuna City. If you park near the ice, there are ploughed tracks so you can skate to the start.

About Sigtuna

Sigtuna Stad is Sweden’s epicentre for long-distance skating located at Mälaren, only 11 km from Arlanda, 37 km from Stockholm and 27 km from Uppsala. In addition to Mälaren, there are hundreds of other lakes in direct proximity where you can seek out the best ices. When you don’t skate, you can visit churches and ruins, castles and crofters, the smallest town hall and the largest airport – they’re all part of our history and they’re all worth a visit.

Please take a walk on Stora Gatan which is Sweden’s first pedestrian street. The pedestrian street was built in 970, i.e. the same year that the city of Sigtuna was founded. Today, a thousand years later, Sigtuna is still an international meeting place. Thanks in large part to its location and proximity to the outside world via Arlanda, Sweden’s largest airport. Here begins Sweden.