Questions and Answers (FAQ)

When does the registration close? Registration closes at midnight on Saturday, Feb. 21.
Can I register? Yes, it is fine for an additional fee of 200 SEK.
Is there a maximum limit on the number of participants? Yes, we have decided that there may be a maximum of 600 participants. After that, we close the registration.


How many are registered? Monday, February 14 at 2:40 p.m., 212 are registered, but now it fills up quickly when conditions look favorable.
How do I get to the start? The start is at the promenade in the middle of central Sigtuna at The Sun deck bridge ( The easiest way is to take the bus from Märsta to Sigtuna Busstation and walk 200 m down to the ice. Will there be designated parking spaces near the ice?
When does the start? The first start is at 9:30 a.m. We start by letting go of the Competition class and then we let everyone off in minde groups and start with those who run full distance.
Where do I get my number tag? Number tags are picked up no later than 09:00 on the grass field next to the mini golf next to strandvägen 38A in central Sigtuna. The number tag distribution is also open on Saturday 19 February between 14:00-18:00.
How do I get in touch with the committee during the race day? By mail: or the emergency number 076-262 84 90 which is handled by our liaison unit.
Do I have to wear a helmet and ice studs? Yes, it is mandatory in all classes.
Isn't the ice safe? Yes, we have regular checks of the ice, but as the ice is changing, we still require all participants to have ice studs.
Can I have rods/dick? Poles are not allowed in the competition classes, but it is allowed in the exercise classes.
How is the banana excellent? The course is plowed or excellent with spruce rice depending on the snow situation during the race day.
Can I leave changing clothes at the start? Yes, it is possible to leave at the number tag distribution. You will receive a sticker with your starting number that you attach to the equipment that you want to submit and then you can pick up your things on presentation of the number tag.
Are there fluid stations along the track? Yes, it will be in Rosersberg and when you pass Sigtuna at the shipyard.
What if I have to stop the race? There are officials on the ice who can help if you break. Don't forget to return your chip in case you break.
Is it possible to shower after the race? Unfortunately, we are not able to offer showers to participants.
Are there toilets? Toilets are set up on grass at the start and finish area and at the ride station in Rosersberg.
Is there a time limit you have to clear for the race? Yes, you must be in the finish by 15:00 so as not to risk remaining on the ice at dark.
I will find food at the start. A number of companies will offer food sales at the start-up area.