February 19, 2023

SIgtunarännet 2023 – Cancelled. The ice conditions on Garnsviken is still nice and thick but unfortunately there are weak spots that has to be cross for the race. Hence we are forced to cancel this year’s race.

If you already have booked travel and accomodations it may still be possible to skate but we highly recommend full security equipment. The forecast for the next week is gloomy with mild weather but it may change and it may still be possible to skate. We will update our news feed when it get closer to the 19th of February if it will be possible to skate even though it won’t be any race this year. We at Sigtuna Sports Club that arrange Sigtunarännet welcomes you back next year and hope that the conditions will be better.

Book now on February 19, 2023!

We remember with joy back on the beautiful winter day we had for Sigtunarännet 2022 where the race was fully booked with about 600 participants! Brilliant sun, extraordinarily nice ice conditions, weak winds and above all so many happy and happy skaters out on Sigtunafjärden.

Now we are working hard to repeat that success and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a winter that gives us favorable conditions for a wonderful skating day in Sigtuna. We will also open up to more participants so that everyone who wants to participate will also be able to do so.

Book now for February 19, 2023 in the calendar. We will gradually update these pages as we approach race day.

Registration we plan to open at the end of January when we know for sure that we can carry out the competition.

A warm welcome to Sigtunarännet in February!

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